Government of the Tongue in Byzantine Education

The Climacus Conference 2013

From February 22nd through the 23rd, St. Michael Orthodox Church in Louisville, Kentucky, hosted the 2013 Climacus Conference of Thoughtful Ascent. This year’s gathering was titled “The Poetics of Existence: The Verse Performs Its Secret Ministry” and featured lectures on poetry and Christianity. Speakers included Scott Cairns, Molly Sabourin, James Taylor, Pamela Beattie, Martin Cothran, Bryan Smith, Kathryn Smith, Joshua Sturgill, Fr. Alexis Kouri, Jerry Salyer, Dave Harrity, and David Wright.

March 2013

Government of the Tongue in Byzantine Education

Bryan Smith, founding director of the Orthodox Christian School Association

March 6, 2013 Length: 31:28




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