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The Penitent Bandit in the Interpretation of John Chrysostom

October 29, 2012 Length: 59:52

The Passion narrative in the gospel of Luke famously recounts how one of the bandits crucified with Christ asks the Lord to remember him in his kingdom (Luke 23:39-43). In this lecture, Dr. Mark Bilby of the University of San Diego and Point Loma Nazarene University explains the significant effect that John Chrysostom's homilies had on the interpretation of this passage. Bilby surveys interpretations of the passage prior to Chrysostom, details what Chrysostom did (and did not) emphasize in his interpretation, and shows how those emphases became part of the interpretive tradition on the passage. The lecture concludes with a discussion of how Chrysostom's homilies on the bandit might have formed the lectionary tradition concerning Luke 23:39-43 in the East.
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