Come and See

Come and See Turning To And Following Christ In The 21st Century

Start date: June 2014 49 minutes, 30 seconds in 5 episodes

Fr. Philip Hall explores the readings and services of the Church and relates them to everyday Christian life.

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As Good As Dead!

July 19, 2014
As Good As Dead! width=

Life or pigs? Roof or health? Job or Christ? The choice is yours!

“Let your Light so shine…”

July 13, 2014
“Let your Light so shine…” width=

Just as the moon shines with the light of the sun so you should shine with the Light of the Son.

The Wages of Sin!

July 05, 2014
The Wages of Sin! width=

But what about the Gift of God? Why work so hard for death when you can have eternal life? The Centurion know this when he came to the Saviour asking for his servant to be healed.

When God Calls

June 23, 2014
When God Calls width=

When the Lord calls you - respond quickly and fully - He might not ask you again! Live the faith to the full, attach yourself to Christ and become a fisher of men.

Sainthood: The Endurance Test

June 17, 2014
Sainthood: The Endurance Test width=

In this inaugural episode, Fr. Philip says that Saint Paul talks about faith as an endurance race where the Lord is the starter and finisher of the race.