Fr. Constantine Nasr

Fr. Constantine Nasr

For over a quarter of a century Fr. Constantine has worked not only to preserve the Faith but to spread this Faith that was “once for all delivered to the saints.” Fr. Constantine inherited a parish that was struggling financially and a community that was divided over internal issues. Today the family of St. Elijah in Oklahoma City is united. By the grace of God in 1997 the new edifice of St. Elijah was consecrated as the Spiritual Center of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid-America. Since then they have built the new addition of the gymnasium and other facilities sitting on 20 acres of land.

Fr. Constantine is a pioneer in American Orthodoxy in terms of Missions and Evangelism. St. Elijah has had the joy of welcoming hundreds of people who have embraced the Holy Orthodox Faith. The fruit of these efforts has led to the creation of our Wednesday night program known as St. Andrew Family Night that has become an example of pan-Orthodox unity on the local level.

By God’s grace Fr. Constantine helped establish the Mission of Holy Ascension in Norman, OK and the Mission of St. James in Stillwater, OK. Fr. Constantine assisted in chrismating a former Episcopalian parish that embraced the Holy Orthodox Faith and became St. Benedict Orthodox Church in Wichita Falls, Texas, and assisted in establishing missions in Kansas City and in Denver, Colorado.

AFP publications include: Mastering the Art of Marriage.



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