Jane G. Meyer

Jane G. Meyer

Jane G Meyer is a children's book author and editor who lives with her family in Santa Barbara, California. Currently she homeschools her nine-year-old, tends eleven fruit trees, is learning to weave baskets from pine needles, likes to fiddle with bread baking, hopes to travel to Finland with her family, and visits the beach one time each week, every week. She loves church, knowing it's one of the best places on the planet to hang out, and thinks prayer is a SuperPower!

In addition to the books shown below, she is also the author of The Man and the Vine and The Woman and the Wheat.

AFP publications include: The Hidden GardenSweet Song: A Story of Saint Romanos the MelodistThe Life of Saint Brigid,  and When God Made You.


  • The Hidden Garden
  • Sweet Song: A Story of Saint Romanos the Melodist
  • The Life of Saint Brigid
  • When God Made You

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