Fr. Lawrence R. Farley

Fr. Lawrence R. Farley

Archpriest Lawrence Farley is the pastor of St. Herman of Alaska Orthodox Church (OCA) in Langley, B.C., Canada. He received his B.A. from Trinity College, Toronto, and his M.Div. from Wycliffe College, Toronto. A former Anglican priest, he converted to Orthodoxy in 1985 and studied for two years at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary in Pennsylvania. In addition to the Orthodox Bible Companion Series, he has also published Let Us Attend, One Flesh, The Christian Old Testament, Following Egeria, and A Daily Calendar of Saints.

AFP publications include: The Gospel of JohnThe Epistle to the HebrewsThe Acts of the ApostlesThe Apocalypse of Saint JohnThe Epistle to the RomansLet Us AttendFirst and Second CorinthiansThe Christian Old TestamentFollowing Egeria: A Modern Pilgrim in the Holy LandThe Prison EpistlesSexual Purity: God’s Plan for a Fulfilled LifeThe Gospel of MatthewShepherding the FlockThe Gospel of MarkWords of FireThe Gospel of Luke,  and Universal Truth.


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  • The Gospel of John
  • The Epistle to the Hebrews
  • The Acts of the Apostles
  • The Apocalypse of Saint John
  • The Epistle to the Romans
  • Let Us Attend
  • First and Second Corinthians
  • The Christian Old Testament
  • Following Egeria: A Modern Pilgrim in the Holy Land
  • The Prison Epistles
  • Sexual Purity: God’s Plan for a Fulfilled Life
  • The Gospel of Matthew
  • Shepherding the Flock
  • The Gospel of Mark
  • Words of Fire
  • The Gospel of Luke
  • Universal Truth

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