Healing Addictions II

Healing Addictions II

The Recovery Continues

Fr. Christophe Lepoutre provides this sequel in the tradition of the first podcast series Healing Addictions: The Orthodox Method of Treatment. The purpose is to expound upon and integrate the best of the wisdom of the rooms (twelve-step fellowship programs and the wisdom of the Holy Fathers and Mothers). This includes teaching on Orthodox Psychotherapy, the science of spiritual medicine within Orthodoxy. This series will emphasize the benefits of participation in The Fellowship of the Inexhaustible Cup, a ministry of intercession, and afford group interactive dialogue, including a question and answer period attached to each podcast. Each episode provides relevant important topics related to the acquisition of healing of soul and body intended to help individuals recover and experience new found levels of sobriety—physical, emotional, and spiritual. Fr. Christophe will also discuss the unique challenges and opportunities for healing married couples in recovery, relying on the action of the Holy Spirit in the context of the Holy Mystery of Matrimony, the Lord’s therapeutic relationship.

Start date: July 2019


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    Fr. Christophe Lepoutre