Few are Chosen: On Callings and Doubts (Part 1)

November 28, 2019 Length: 31:29

One of the things that has caused Basil the most doubt over the years is what to do with the calling to the priesthood he's felt for most of his life. Does God even grant personal callings? If so, how can we be sure of our own calling? This episode is the first of several devoted to the intersection between vocations and doubts.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

κλήση (klisi) and πρόσκληση (prosklisi), Greek terms for "calling," are found roughly 148 times in the New Testament. They can be translated as to name, to invite, to ask to come, to call out.

Matthew 22:1-14 (Parable of the wedding feast)

"Paradox of Choice," a talk by Barry Schwartz

Paradox of Choice (book) by Barry Schwartz

Luke 14:25-35 (Cost of discipleship)