It’s About Trust: The How and Who of Holy Tradition (On Second Thought)

October 10, 2019 Length: 14:00

One of the pitfalls of Holy Tradition is that it can turn into just another "sola," something singular we misrepresent without context. In this episode, Basil and Nicole return to the questions raised in last week's episode.

Resources that pertain to this episode:

Dunning-Kruger effect

Matthew 16:17-18

A note from Basil on Orthodox catechitical texts: The Orthodox Churches (most likely because of the risk of misuse) does not have an Ecumenically approved “Catechism” for the entire church (as opposed to the Roman Catholic’s book “CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH"). Instead, what you will find in Orthodoxy are of variety of smaller expositions. However, these catechisms are often short and simple and sometimes raise more questions than they answer (one example is the Catechism of Archbishop Sotirios's "Orthodox Catechism: Basic Teachings of the Faith"). Having said that, one book to consider if you have the zeal for a more systematic exposition of what all Orthodox believe is St. John of Damascus’s "An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith—a summary of the dogmatic writings of the Early Church Fathers." This writing was the first work of systematic theology in Eastern Christianity and an important influence on later Scholastic works.