Ten Steps For Coping With Grief

May 9, 2018 Length: 1:03:23

Fr. Nick and Dr. Roxanne Louh offer help in coping with grief by suggesting these 10 steps:

1. Allow your feelings – through acknowledgement and acceptance without judgement.
2. Challenging Negative Thinking that leads to Guilt and the “what if’s”
3. Manage your expectations of others, rather than letting your expectations of others manage you.
4. Have a support team and use them.
5. Stay active, set small daily goals.
6. Be intentional with caring for your basic needs.
7. Be thinking about your future even if you can’t formulate what it looks like now. Though a part of you died, a part of you still lives.
8. Avoid Absolutes
9. Allow Time to Be Inspired
10. Remain in faith