April 22, 2018: Mark 15:43-16:8, Told for Younger Children





After our Lord Jesus Christ died, a brave man named Joseph went to Pilate to ask for Jesus’ body. When Pilate was sure that Jesus was dead, he said Joseph could have the body.
Joseph wrapped Jesus’ body with a linen cloth and laid it in a tomb. The tomb was carved out of rock. A big stone was rolled against the door of the tomb.
The next day was the Sabbath, the Jewish day of rest. On the day after the Sabbath, Mary Mag’dalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices to put on Jesus’ body. Very early in the morning, as the sun was coming up, they walked to the tomb to put the spices on Jesus’ body. All the way, they talked about how they were going to get the stone away from the tomb so they could get inside.
When the women got to the tomb, there was a big surprise waiting for them—the big stone was rolled away from the tomb’s door! When they stepped inside, there was another surprise. A young man in white was sitting there. He had a message for them, “Don’t be surprised. You are looking for Jesus. He is not here because He has risen from the dead! See where His body had been? It is empty! Now, go tell the disciples and Peter to go to Galilee, where you will see Him!”
Quickly, the women ran out of there. They were shaking and amazed! They couldn’t even speak, because they were so surprised. Jesus had come back to life again!

Who did Pilate give Jesus’ body to? What did he do with it?
When did the women go to the tomb? Why were they going?
What problem did the women know they would have when they got to the tomb?
What did they find at the tomb?
What great news did the young man in the tomb tell the women?
How did the women feel when they left the tomb? Would you have felt the same way?