One evening, our Lord Jesus Christ had his disciples get into a boat and go to the other side of the sea. While they went, He sent away the crowd that had come. Then, He went up into the hills, to pray.
While He was praying alone, the wind came up against the boat and waves beat against it. Very late at night, Jesus came to His disciples. He was walking on the sea! When the disciples saw that, they were very afraid. They thought He was a ghost. They screamed because they were afraid.
Jesus spoke to them, “Relax! It is I! Don’t be afraid!”
As He heard this, Peter said, “Lord, if it is really you, call me to come to You on the water!”
Jesus said, “Come!” So Peter got out of the boat. He walked on the water and came to Jesus! But then he saw the wind and was afraid. He began to sink.
As he began to sink, Peter said, “Lord, save me!” Jesus reached out, grabbed Peter’s hand, and asked him why he doubted.
Peter and Jesus got into the boat. When they did, the wind became calm. Everyone in the boat worshiped Jesus, saying, “You must be the Son of God!”

1. At the beginning of this Gospel story, what did Jesus have the disciples do? Where did Jesus go?
2. When it became night, was the sea calm or stormy? How do you know?
3. The disciples were afraid when they saw Jesus. What was Jesus doing?
4. When Jesus came into the boat, the storm stopped. If you were a disciple in the boat, how would you feel then?
5. Have you ever felt scared when it is stormy? The next time it happens, you can pray, sit by an icon, and make the sign of the cross. Jesus will help you not to be afraid. Jesus is always with us.