One night, after the wise men who had been visiting Jesus left, Joseph had a special dream. In his dream, an angel talked to him. The angel told Joseph to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt. The angel told Joseph that King Herod had found out about Jesus when the wise men came looking for Him. Now, Herod wanted to kill Jesus!
Joseph got up right away while it was still night. He took Jesus and Mary to Egypt, just like the angel told him to do.
Jesus was safe in Egypt. And when King Herod died, an angel visited Joseph in another dream. This time, the angel told him it was safe to go back to Israel.
Joseph obeyed the angel again, taking Jesus and Mary back to Israel. They moved to the town of Nazareth. That is where the boy Jesus lived until he grew up.

Who talked to Joseph in dreams?
What did the angel tell Joseph to do? Why?
Did Joseph obey the angel? Where did the family go?
How did Joseph know that it was safe for the family to go back to Israel?
What town did Jesus grow up in?