February 18, 2018: Matthew 6:14-21, Told for Younger Children





One day, our Lord Jesus reminded His followers about some very important things. He said that we need to forgive others when they do something wrong or hurt us. Jesus said that if we forgive others, God will also forgive us when we sin. But if we do not forgive other people, God will not forgive us.
Our Lord also said that when we fast, we should look and act like we usually do. He said that hypocrites (people just pretending to be godly) show off by how they look and act when they fast. We should not fast so that people see how good we are. We should fast so that God can see that we want to be more like Him.
Then our Lord Jesus said we should not care so much about things we can get here on Earth. The earthly stuff we have can break, get rusty, or someone could steal it. Instead, we should care about heavenly things, which can’t break, get rusty, or be stolen. Our Lord reminds us that whatever we care about the most is where our hearts will be.

1. What does Jesus say we need to do if someone has done something wrong to us? Why?
2. What will happen if we do not forgive others?
3. How should we act when we are fasting?
4. Who should know about our fasting, other people or God?
5. What happens to the things we get, here on Earth? What happens to heavenly things?
6. Where do you care about the most? Earth or Heaven? Are you living in a way that shows that?