This is the beginning of the good news about Our Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Son. Long ago, some very Godly men told about the time when Jesus would come to earth. These men were called prophets because they were very close to God, and He told them about things that were going to happen, and later on those things really did happen! Here is what one of them wrote down: “God says, ‘I will send someone to get people ready. He will live in the wilderness. He will tell people to get ready to meet and follow God.’ ”
What the prophet said, came true! John the Baptizer lived out in the wilderness. He preached to everyone who came to hear him. He told them about being baptized if they repented and asked God for forgiveness of their sins.
A lot of people went to hear John – from all over Judea and from Jerusalem. After they confessed their sins, he baptized them in the Jordan River.
John lived on what God provided for him, in the wild place where he was. He always dressed in camel hair. He wore a big leather girdle around his waist. His food was big bugs called locusts, and wild honey. But John’s different clothes and menu did not keep people away from him! People came to him and learned about God from him. They knew he was special and holy.
John told the people, “Someone much greater than I is coming. He is so amazing that I don’t even deserve to untie his sandals. I have been baptizing you with water. But He is so great that He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit!”

1. What are prophets?
2. What did the prophet in this Gospel story write about? Did it come true?
3. Who lived out in the wilderness? What did he do there?
4. Tell something special about John the Baptizer. Would you want to meet him? Why or why not?
5. Who did John come to tell about?
6. Ask your parents or godparents to tell you about your baptism. You were baptized with water and sealed with the Holy Spirit, too!