June 17, 2018: Matthew 6:22-33, Told for Younger Children





One day, our Lord Jesus Christ was teaching about what is really important.
He said, “Your eyes are like a light for your body. If you look at bad things, your whole body can be bad. But if you look at things that are good, your whole body is bright and light.
“No one can serve God and money. People will either love God best or love money and earthly things best. It is better to love God most of all.
“I tell you, don’t worry about what you eat, drink, or wear. Think about birds—they don’t store up food! But God provides for them, doesn’t He? Think about flowers—they don’t sew or shop, but God dresses them in their beautiful clothes. If God takes care of little things like grass, won’t He take even better care of you?
“So don’t worry about your food, drink, or clothes. Your Father in Heaven already knows that you need them. He will provide them for you if you pray and come to church and do what is right. That is what is most important.”

1. Have you ever used a dirty flashlight? Did it light your way very well?
2. Jesus said our eyes are like lights for our bodies. What happens if we use our eyes to look at bad things?
3. What are two things/people that people love or serve? Who should we love most of all?
4. Tell one example Jesus gave of how God takes care of the world, and why we should not worry about if He will take care of us.
5. What is the most important thing we should do?
6. Do you ever worry about things? Don’t! Remember this Gospel. God will take care of you. Just pray and come to church and do what is right.