June 6, 2010: Matthew 4:18-23, Told for Younger Children

May 31, 2010 Length: 2:40





One day, our Lord Jesus Christ was walking along the Sea of Galilee. He came to two brothers, Simon (called Peter) and Andrew. These brothers were fishermen. They were just casting their net into the sea when Jesus came to them.
He said, “Follow me, and I will make you fish for men!” Right away, Simon Peter and Andrew left their nets and followed Jesus!
As they walked along, Jesus saw two more brothers. James and John were both in a boat with their father, Zebedee. They were fixing their nets so that they could fish again. Jesus called out to invite them to follow Him.
Right away, James and John left the boat and their father, and followed Jesus.
Then Jesus went all around Galilee. He taught in the synagogues, preached the good news about God’s kingdom, and healed every sickness that people had.

1. Who did Jesus meet when He was out walking by the Sea of Galilee?
2. What were these brothers doing when Jesus saw them?
3. What did Jesus invite them to do?
4. What does Jesus mean when He tells Peter and Andrew that He will make them fish for men? Ask a parent or God parent if you don’t know.
5. Who does he meet next?
6. Did you notice how soon all four of these men obeyed Jesus? Did they wait until it fit in their schedule? When did they follow Him?
7. How about you? When someone that you should obey asks you to do something, do you do it right away? Pray, and ask God to help you to obey like the Apostles did.