On the last day of a special Jewish feast, our Lord Jesus Christ stood up and said, “If anyone is thirsty, he should come to me and drink. Rivers of living water will go out from whoever believes in Me.” He was talking about the Holy Spirit whom He was going to send to help His followers after He went back to Heaven.
Some people who heard Jesus speak said, “He is really a prophet.” Some said, “He is the Christ!” Others said, “Will the Christ come from Galilee? Won’t the Christ be a descendant of King David and come from Bethlehem, where David was?” So the people did not agree with each other. Some even wanted to arrest Jesus, but no one did.
The officers went back to the chief priest and Pharisees. They said to the officers, “Why didn’t you bring Jesus?”
The officers said, “We never heard anyone talk like He does!”
The Pharisees answered, “Has He led you astray, too? We who know the laws don’t believe in Him. This crowd doesn’t know the laws, so they believe in Him.”
Nicodemus, one of them who had gone to Jesus before, asked, “Does our law judge a man without even learning what he does?”
The other Pharisees told Nicodemus to search through the prophecies because the prophecies did not say that a prophet would come from Galilee.
Then Jesus Himself spoke to them. He said, “I am the Light of the world. Whoever follows Me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

1. Have you ever been really thirsty? How did you feel when you got a drink? Jesus said that if we are thirsty, we should come to Him and drink. He was not talking about being thirsty for water, but about being thirsty for the things of God. He can help us to learn about and be closer to God.
2. What did Jesus say will go from those who believe in Him?
3. After Jesus talked, why did the people disagree with each other?
4. Were the Pharisees happy that the officers did not bring Jesus to them? How do you know?
5. Jesus said that He is the Light of the world. What does He say that people who follow him have?