One day, our Lord Jesus Christ told about a time that is coming. He said that at the end of the world, He will come back and sit on a throne. It will be full of glory, and all the holy angels will be with Him!
Then everyone from the whole world will come together there. Our Lord Jesus will divide everyone into groups, just like a shepherd separates out sheep and goats.
Our Lord said that the good people will get God’s Kingdom! They have fed hungry people, given drinks to thirsty people, been friendly to people they didn’t know, given clothes to people who didn’t have enough, visited sick people, and gone to see prisoners. Our Lord said that, when the good people do these things to other people, they do it to Him.
Then He said a sad thing. He said that the people who do not help others around them will need to go away from Him. They will go into fire with the devil. Because they did not help others they did not help our Lord. So they will be punished, but the good people will live forever with God!

1. When Jesus told this story, He told about when He will come back. He said that He will divide everyone into two groups, just like when a shepherd separates what two animals?
2. Which kind of people did God welcome into His kingdom?
3. What did they do that pleased God?
4. God wants us to help those in need. Did you ever . . .
open the door for someone?
help someone who was hurt on the playground?
bring in food for a food drive?
play with someone who was all alone?
5. Jesus wants us to be helpful and caring, so we can be with Him forever.