One time, a man came and knelt down in front of our Lord Jesus Christ. He said, “Teacher, I have brought my son to you to be healed. He has a bad spirit that makes him fall and get hurt. I asked your disciples to heal him, but they could not.”
Jesus said, “Bring him to Me.”
They brought the boy to Jesus. As soon as the spirit saw Jesus, it made the boy fall down and roll around on the ground. Jesus asked the boy’s father how long this had been happening.
He answered, “Since he was little! Sometimes the spirit has thrown him into the fire or into water, to hurt him. If you can do anything, please help us!”
Jesus answered, “If you believe, anything can happen!”
Right away the father began to cry and said, “Lord, I believe. Help me when I do not believe.”
So Jesus told the bad spirit to come out of the boy, and to never come back. The spirit left, and the boy lay very still. Everyone around him thought the boy was dead. But Jesus took his hand and helped him get up. He was healed!
Later, the disciples asked Jesus why they couldn’t heal the boy. He told them that healing like this could only happen with prayer and fasting.

Here are some questions about the Gospel story:
Why did the father bring his son to Jesus? What was wrong?
What did the bad spirit do to the boy when it saw Jesus?
When the boy was little where else had the bad spirit made him fall?
What did Jesus say the father should do so his boy could be healed? Did he?
What happened? Did Jesus heal the boy?
We all need help from God. Sometimes we have trouble believing that He will take care of us. When this happens to you, remember the father in this Gospel story and pray with him, “Lord, I believe! Help me when I do not believe!”