One day, Jesus was talking about loving others. First, He said that we should treat other people like we want them to treat us.
Jesus also said that if we love someone who loves us, that is not a special thing. He said even sinners do that. If we are kind to people who are kind to us, that is not special, either. Even sinners do that. And, if we share with people who share with us, that is not special because sinners share when they know someone will share with them.
Jesus said that we need to love even our enemies. He said we should do what is good and share with others. He said we should not think they will give us anything back. If we do this, we will be God’s children.
Jesus said that God is kind to everyone, even people who are not thankful. He is even kind to bad people! Jesus said we should be full of kindness, just like our God, our Father, is.

1. Is there someone who has been mean to you? Think about school, the playground, or your neighborhood.
2. How would you like that person to treat you? How should you treat that person?
3. Jesus wants us to treat others the way we want to be treated, even when we don’t feel like it.
4. Jesus taught us that the most important thing is to spread goodness in the world, and not meanness. So, if someone is mean to us, we have a choice. We can either be mean back, which brings more evil in the world; or, we can pray, “Jesus, help me be kind to that person,” and choose to be kind.