How to Kill the Ego

September 9, 2011 Length: 3:52





Many modern psychologists tell us that we must feel good about ourselves, and they instruct us to reject the idea of guilt and sin. Sin is seen by some of these psychologists as religion’s instrument for keeping people in line, making them dependent on an institution that should be relegated to the Dark Ages. In an age where man is elevated to being his own god, religion is seen as a sort of enslavement. Up with self! Down with guilt!

Self as the new god is worshiped at the expense of community and enthroned in a position of the utmost importance. Worship of self has contributed to the downfall of families and societal stability, with careers, social and financial gain, and self-fulfillment reigning supreme.

Divine love does not tolerate this elevated status of self. For the ego is the enemy of our communion with God. In an age of financial collapse, mortgage foreclosures, and high unemployment, worship of self dooms us to a life of total loss. We were created for communion with God, and the worship of the ego has led us into a state of spiritual bankruptcy.

The total meltdown of the economy and the destruction of the environment is a direct result of the turning away from spiritual values. The foundation of economic and environmental collapse is to be found in our spiritual bankruptcy. We need to return to the worship of God and reject worship of self.

The denial of guilt and sin is the ultimate example of our having accepted the lie perpetrated by the devil, that great deceiver. True happiness and true wealth come only through the fulfillment of our destiny and that for which we were created: communion with God. The destruction of the ego begins with repentance and the acquisition of a humble and a contrite heart.