Workplace Spirituality

September 30, 2011 Length: 5:05

How to Fit the Workplace into Your Spiritual Life.





This blog was born out of an attempt on my part to aid a number of my spiritual children to begin their day with a focus on Christ. I’d asked them to read the appointed Scripture readings for the liturgical cycle at their desks before beginning their jobs.

One young man had his office manager tell him that he was not permitted to bring a Bible to the office because the company did not want religious symbols displayed at work, lest they cause offense to someone else. Never mind there was a young Muslim woman who was allowed to wear her large head scarf and take prayer-breaks when the Islamic prayer times arrived. I asked him if he was permitted to check his email during the day. Since this was permitted, I started emailing him the daily readings and a blog was born!

Since that time I have greatly expanded my daily offering. When I turned to the blog format, it seemed appropriate to name the blog The Daily Offering. This has been a labor of love ever since.

Balancing your spiritual life with the workplace can be quite challenging. I intend to address this subject in greater detail in the future, but for now let me begin by saying that the beginning of one’s day should start with prayer. Some recite their prayer rule (something that should be worked out with one’s spiritual father, priest or confessor) before leaving their home. If you have children to tend to, you should get up an hour early so you have plenty of time before getting them breakfast and sending them off to school.

If you are a commuter who takes public transportation, get in the habit of reading spiritual books that are available in your parish bookstore. Again, your priest can suggest books that would be of benefit to you. Keep a book in your van so as to have spiritual reading while waiting in traffic jams, or crossing bridges, or ferries.

Use your coffee break to re-read something such as The Morning Offering online or reading a few chapters in your commuter book. If you head out for lunch, why not take the book along as your companion?

Many of you are so ‘wired’ you can also benefit from downloading on your ipods programing from Ancient Faith Radio. And, of course, the Lord is our constant companion and the continuous repetition of the Jesus Prayer can keep us be grounded in our faith, even while working.

Using these simple examples can make a huge difference in your workday and add immensely to your own spiritual growth.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.