The Saint Emmelia Podcast

The Saint Emmelia Podcast

Promoting, Supporting, and Uniting Homeschooling Families Throughout Orthodox North America

The Saint Emmelia Podcast is an outreach of the Department of Homeschooling (Saint Emmelia Ministries) of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. Our mission is to provide inspiring and informative resources and experiences that equip homeschooling families to educate the next generation of Orthodox faithful in North America. This podcast shares interviews conducted by Fr. Deacon Sean Reid with a wide variety of people throughout the Orthodox homeschool community, along with lectures from the Saint Emmelia Orthodox Homeschool Conferences, panel discussions, as well as commentary by Fr. Noah Bushelli, Director of Saint Emmelia Ministries.

Start date: November 2019


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    Dn. Sean Reid

    Fr. Noah Bushelli