The Second Liturgy

The Second Liturgy

Encountering Christ at the Table of the Poor

“St. John Chrysostom speaks about two tables: the table of the Lord and the table of the poor. There are two tables, one where the Lord is present in the Divine Liturgy, and the Lord has many servers at that table, but He finds very few at His table with the poor.” - Fr. Roberto Ubertino, St. John the Compassionate Mission

What would happen if we were to devote ourselves to the second altar as we do to the first altar? Together, let’s explore how we can partake fully, not just on Sundays, but also with our encounters with all people, especially those in need, throughout the week. We invite you to join us at The Second Liturgy.

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Podcast music used by permission of Fr. Justin Mathews, Reconciliation Services.

Start date: October 2018


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