The Spirit of Saint Tikhon’s

The Spirit of Saint Tikhon’s

The live and recorded podcast of St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary

Welcome to “The Spirit of St Tikhon’s”, the Ancient Faith Radio broadcast from St Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in South Canaan, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1938, St Tikhon’s Seminary is where saints have walked. Five of the North American saints sojourned here, including St Tikhon of Moscow who founded the monastery and inspired the founding of the Seminary, and St Nikolai of Zhicha (zhee-cha), who was the rector here in the 1950s. St Tikhon’s purpose is the spiritual formation and training of the next generation of Missionary Priests for service in the fields of North America and beyond. The Spirit of St Tikhon’s aims to give you an audible glimpse into the life of the Seminary and Monastery. We invite you to come and see!

Start date: July 2019


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    Fr. John Parker