35th Annual Father Alexander Schmemann Lecture

February 2, 2018 Length: 1:13:14

On the Feast of the Three Hierarchs Tuesday, January 30, 2017, St. Vladimir's Seminary hosted a marvelous evening program featuring the 35th Annual Father Alexander Schmemann Lecture. Seminary alumnus Dr. Scott Kenworthy presented the Schmemann Lecture, entitled, “St. Tikhon of Moscow (1865–1925) and the Orthodox Church in North America and Revolutionary Russia.” Dr. Kenworthy described St. Tikhon’s pastoral responsibilities both in North America and Russia, and noted how 21st-century Orthodox Christians could benefit from the well-documented spiritual struggles and challenges that the saint experienced.

Dr. Kenworthy is Associate Professor of Comparative Religion and Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies at Miami University (Oxford, OH). He is currently writing a new, comprehensive biography of St. Tikhon.