1 of 9 Colonial Religion and the Life of St. Herman of Alaska, the Wonder-Worker

January 1, 2018 Length: 1:00:07

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a new nine-lecture series entitled American Holiness: A Religious History of America and Her Saints. Each lecture is divided by two themes. In the first portion of each lecture Father Josiah surveys American religious history from the Colonial Period in the 17th century, through the 1st and 2nd Great Awakenings, the rise of the Black Churches, the invention of the American Originals, the waxing and waning of American Catholicism, the meteoric rise of Pentecostalism in the 20th century, and culminating in the explosion of religious pluralism in the last 50 years during which millions of Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus have migrated to the United States. The second portion of each of these nine lectures is dedicated to the presentation of the life of a particular American Orthodox Christian saint including Ss. Herman of Alaska, the Hieromartyr Juvenaly and the New–Martyr Peter the Aleut, Innocent of Alaska, Alexis of Wilkes-Barre, Raphael of Brooklyn, Tikhon the Enlightener of North America, John of San Francisco, Sebastian of Jackson, and Nikolai of Ochrid.

• The Great Awakening and the Life of Hieromartyr Juvenaly and New Martyr Peter the Aleut
• The 2nd Great Awakening and the Life of St. Innocent Equal to the Apostles
• American Catholicism and the Life of St. Alexis of Wilkes Barre
• The American Originals Pt. 1 and the Life of St. Raphael Bishop of Brooklyn
• The American Originals Pt. 2 and the Life of St. Tikhon Enlightener of North America
• The Black Churches and the Life of St. Sebastian of Jackson
• Pentecostalism and the Life of St. John of San Francisco the Wonder Worker
• American Religious Pluralism and the Life of St. Nikolai of Ochrid

The first lecture in this series is offered here on Ancient Faith for free. To download the remaining lectures, please visit our website at http://www.PatristicNectar.org.