The Christian Life is Impossible . . . All We are Able to Do is to Die Daily

March 30, 2016 Length: 58:16

Patristic Nectar Publications is honored to present a new lecture series by Archimandrite Zacharias Zacharou entitled, The Christian Life is Impossible...All We are Able to Do is to Die Daily. In this series of six lectures following by an extended question and answer session, Father Zacharias uncovers troves of collected wisdom from the great ascetics of the Church in ancient and contemporary times concerning the cultivation of man's inner life. These lectures are not just a magnificent culling of the patristic treasury, but are chock-full of insights from Father Zacharias' own life and experience as a spiritual son of Elder Sophrony of Essex. The lectures are entitled:

The Cross of Christ: The Justification of God and Man
Overturning the Pyramid of the Created World
The Love of Enemies
Prophetic Life and Authenticity in the Church
Building the Temple of God in Ourselves and Our Fellows
Fattening the Soul through Hesychia and Tears
Questions and Answers
All six lectures plus questions and answers are available for direct download for $15.

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