The Voice in My Head: Reflections on the Conscience (Introductory Lecture)

January 9, 2017 Length: 1:10:57

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a new five-part lecture series entitled "The Voice in My Head: Reflections on the Conscience." This series by Father Josiah explores the meaning and function of the conscience—a significant and much neglected subject in contemporary theology and preaching. The lecture titles are as follows:

Lecture #1 What is the Conscience?
Lecture #2 The Fall of the Conscience and Its Pathologies
Lecture #3 The Redemption of the Conscience and the Contours of its Health
Lecture #4 Respecting the Consciences of Others- Liiving in Peace with Disagreement
Lecture #5 The Conscience in the Divine Liturgy, at Death and at the Last Judgment

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