You Belong to Christ! An Exposition of First Corinthians by Father Josiah Trenham

January 24, 2019 Length: 1:13:49

Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present a lecture series entitled: You Belong to Christ! An Exposition of First Corinthians. In this new five lecture series Father Josiah unpacks St. Paul’s literary masterpiece of sixteen chapters devoted to the proclamation of the Holy Gospel- the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and its application to the daily lives of Christian believers living in an intensely pagan milieu in Corinth. St. Paul’s patient correction of a deeply troubled local church provides many prisms through which to gather wisdom for Christian living in the 21st century.

Lecture 1: Unity and the Cross
Lecture 2: Sex: Men and Women in the Natural Family
Lecture 3: Food Offered to Idols: Christian Living in a Pagan Milieu
Lecture 4: Men and Women in the Public Worship of the Church
Lecture 5: The Resurrection

The third lecture in this series is offered here on Ancient Faith for free. To download the remaining lectures, please visit our website at