Tanya Keenan – Antihero as Relational Process

Doxacon 2018

Doxacon was founded in 2013 by Daniel Silver and Father David Subu from the Protection of the Holy Mother of God Orthodox Church in Falls Church, VA. Their mission is to create a place where fans of the genres of science fiction and fantasy can explore where those genres intersect with their faith.

December 2018

Tanya Keenan – Antihero as Relational Process

Tanya Keenan is a Clinician working for a community mental health agency, particularly with homeless, runaway, and foster youth. She credits Star Wars for bringing her to Orthodoxy; she remains a Star Wars fan to this day, and can quote Princess Leia’s complete holographic message by heart, which she learned when she was 13. She enjoys comics as well, and has particularly enjoyed reading the later Batman comics (her favorite is the graphic novel Night Cries). She currently plays the MMORPG World of Warcraft with other Orthodox friends. She is an avid player of table-top role-playing games (currently Dungeons & Dragons and Burning Wheel, although she really misses playing MouseGuard). She loves Church, lindy hop, and all kinds of geekery across many fandoms. Someday, she would like to go to space, ride a dragon, or fly an X-wing. You can hear the Doxacon Seattle panels on which Tanya participated from 2014 and 2015 on Ancient Faith Radio.

December 1, 2018 Length: 39:26




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