Biblical Typology in The Lord of the Rings

Doxacon 2019

Doxacon was founded in 2013 by Daniel Silver and Father David Subu from the Protection of the Holy Mother of God Orthodox Church in Falls Church, VA. Their mission is to create a place where fans of the genres of science fiction and fantasy can explore where those genres intersect with their faith. This years event was held at St. George Orthodox Church in Bethesda, Maryland, November 1-2, 2019.

November 2019

Biblical Typology in The Lord of the Rings

In this lecture, Michael addresses the Biblical archetypes and Christian typology found in J.R.R. Tolkien's great masterpiece. It explains how characters, places and events in The Lord of the Rings are similar to those types of characters, places and events found in the Bible, and how this offers greater insight into the influences behind Tolkien's sub-creation.

Michael Haldas is an author, blogger and religious educator for the Orthodox Christian Network, podcaster for Ancient Faith Radio (AFR), and a speaker. He is also an avid Tolkien enthusiast and the author of Echoes of Truth: Christianity in the Lord of the Rings. Michael has written Tolkien-themed articles and done numerous Tolkien-themed podcasts for his AFR Sacramental Living podcast series. He is serving on the Tolkien Panel for AFCON 3 (an annual Ancient Faith Podcasting and Writers conference) in June 2019, and will be speaking at Doxamoot, the first Orthodox Christian Tolkien Conference, in September 2019. He teaches adult religious education at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Bethesda, Maryland.

November 29, 2019 Length: 52:33




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