Marriage, Sexuality, and The Family

Holy Conversation: Issues of Marriage and Sexuality

Hosted by the Diocese of the East in the Orthodox Church in America, this Holy Conversation is one of the results of the work of the Contemporary Issues Implementation Team of the Archdiocese. Speakers and panelists included Dr. Al Rossi, Matushka Jenny Mosher, Fr. Theophan Whitfield, Sr. Nonna Harrison, Fr. John Behr and Fr. Andrew Tregubov. The host was Fr. Caleb Abetti and the event was held on March 1-2, 2013 in White River Junction, VT.

March 2013

Marriage, Sexuality, and The Family

Matushka Jenny Mosher is a speaker and writer on matters of the family.

March 27, 2013 Length: 11:51




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