54 - Interview with Dr. Frank B. Cerra

International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA) Pan-Orthodox Unity and Conciliarity Conference

Listen to lectures and interviews with the speakers at the Inaugural Conference of the International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA), with the theme Pan-Orthodox Unity and Conciliarity, held January 9 to 12, 2019, in Iasi, Romania.

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April 2019

54 - Interview with Dr. Frank B. Cerra

Dr. Frank B. Cerra gives an overview of the Family Moral and Theological Anthropology Group's & Pastoral Theology and Canon Law Group's joint session on Marriage and Family.

Speakers included:
Dr. Frank B. Cerra (USA): “Crisis in the Core Family: Time for Orthodox Leadership”
Fr. Dr. Bassam Nassif (Lebanon): “Marriage in Postmodernity and the Orthodox Christian Perspective”
Dr. Jelisei Heikkila (Finland): “The Question of Ecclesiastical Divorce and Remarriage in the Russian Orthodox Church: A Brief Comparison of the Canonical Legislation of the All-Russian Church Council of 1917–1918 and Bishops’ Council Document of 2017”
V. Rev. Dr. Philip LeMasters (USA): “Unitive, Sacrificial, and Eschatological Love: The Virtues of Marriage in a Eucharistic Context”

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