Orientale Lumen XVI Conference

Orientale Lumen XVI Conference

August 2012

From June 18-21, 2012, the Society of St. John Chrysostom, Eastern Churches Journal, Eastern Christian Publications, and the Orientale Lumen Foundation held a popular and scholarly conference for lay men, lay women, and clergy entitled Orientale Lumen XVI. The theme for the conference, held at the Washington Retreat House in Washington, D.C., was “Theology of the Laity.”

The conference provided an opportunity for Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholics, and Oriental Orthodox to gather, discuss, and learn about their respective traditions. It included presentations by scholars and theologians, liturgical celebrations of many varieties, and opportunities for everyone to learn from each other and participate in a “dialogue of love and understanding.” To purchase CDs or DVDs of this event, please visit the conference’s online catalogue located here.

Please note that while Ancient Faith Radio is extremely pleased to make these recordings available to our listeners, we do not necessarily endorse all of the conference speakers and/or their talks.


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