Hieromonk Alexios - Preserve, O God the Orthodox Faith

Orthodoxy and Higher Education

A pan-Orthodox steering committee of scholars and academics sponsored this conference in June of 2011 on the St. Vladimir’s Seminary campus, to explore the possibility of the establishment of a new Orthodox College in North America. Recognizing the increasing desire, and longstanding need, for greater collegiality, familiarity, and scholarly collaboration among Orthodox academics, the committee invites all who are interested in thinking about Orthodoxy and higher education to listen this conference.

June 2011

Hieromonk Alexios - Preserve, O God the Orthodox Faith

Fr. Alexios (Trader) is from the Karakalou Monastery on Mt. Athos and Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. His paper was read by Dr. Bruce Fotlz and dealt with the Transfiguration of a Pressing Question Into an Earnest Petition: Preserve, O God the Orthodox Faith and Orthodox Christians Unto Ages of Ages.

June 11, 2011 Length: 15:52




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