Reaching the Nones and Dones

Reaching the Nones and Dones

May 2019

Dr. Nathan Jacobs speaks at the Midwest OCA Clergy Convocation at the invitation of His Grace, Bishop Paul. These 3 talks address the “Nones and Dones” and how to reach them.

Talk 1: “The Religiously Unaffiliated, or Nones: Who Are They and What Do They Believe?”
Talk 2: “Eastern Orthodox Advantages for Reaching the Nones”
Talk 3: “Practical Advice on Engaging the Nones and Assessing the Dones”

Nathan Jacobs, Ph.D., is a film director, writer and director of Becoming Truly Human, a documentary that looks at the rise of the “nones” (those with no religious affiliation). The film offers seven cinematic portraits of “nones” alongside the story of Dr. Jacobs, whose path goes from unbelief to belief in the Orthodox expression of Christianity,


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