Clark Carlton on the Essence and Energies of God

The Essence and Energies of God

This past September 9, on an extremely sultry evening in Franklin, Tennessee, an ecumenical group of Christians met at the home of a local Orthodox parishioner for Scotch and cigars and to listen to Dr. Clark Carlton speak about the essence and energies of God. Such lectures take place on a monthly basis in Franklin, and the crowd—comprised primarily of men, although there were a handful of women as well—typically comes ready to discuss and even argue about the topic at hand, which can range from theology to politics to the arts to economics. This night was no exception, only in this case Ancient Faith Radio was there to capture it all. Dr. Clark Carlton is assistant professor of philosophy at Tennessee Tech University, where he teaches the history of philosophy as well as the philosophy of religion and logic. He is also the host of the AFR podcast Faith and Philosophy.

September 2013

Clark Carlton on the Essence and Energies of God

September 12, 2013 Length: 1:21:51




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