The Scriptures as Sacrament

The Saint Katherine College Forum

St. Katherine College, the first ever Orthodox college of the liberal arts and sciences, is pleased to present the following speeches from its lecture series titled “The St. Katherine College Forum.” Recorded on the campus of St. Katherine’s in San Diego, California, the series is open to the public and features a wide array of speakers from the college and elsewhere.

February 2012

The Scriptures as Sacrament

Dr. Eugenia Constantinou, professor of theology at the University of San Diego, discusses how St. John Chrysostom's vocation as a pastor informed his biblical preaching. By explaining the historical and ecclesiastical contexts of Chrysostom's day and by summarizing a number of his scattered remarks about the Bible, Dr. Constantinou illuminates a number of otherwise puzzling features of Chrysostom's homilies and shows how they evidence his commitment to the value of understanding the Bible.

February 13, 2012 Length: 59:02




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