The Call

The Seven Homilies - Fr. Gheorghe Calciu

Fr. Gheorghe Calciu gave a series of seven weekly homilies to the youth of communist Romania during lent in 1978.Hundreds of young people risked their lives to hear him, climbing over the walls (Monastery of Radu Voda) when the authorities tried to keep them away. Fr. Gheorghe knew this would mean his imprisonment and probable death, but he was prepared to pay the price. His sermons render an urgency and set the tone for contemporary Christians under impossible conditions, when no human logic can prevail, but only direct dependence on God.

Chants tailored for the 7 Seven Words by Adrian Sirbu, Director of the Byzantium Choir of Iasi, Maldova. Free download of 13 tracks along with a track listing (zip file, 761mb).

Learn more about Fr. Gheorghe Calciu HERE.

March 2019

The Call

This is the first of the seven sermons and is read by Fr. David Subu with an introduction by Frederica Mathewes-Green.

March 13, 2019 Length: 8:22




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