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Fourth Sunday of Lent and St. John Climacus: Following the Foremost Forerunner

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This week we read the epistle through the lenses of St. John Chrysostom, St. John Climacus, the book of Genesis and Isaiah’s portrait of the Suffering Servant. Here we are given the hope to continue following our great forerunner Jesus. The gospel reading adds to this the importance of faith, prayer and fasting, as we set our faces towards the cross.

The fourth Sunday of Lent and St. John Climacus: following the foremost Forerunner

Usually when we hear the word “forerunner,” we think of John the Baptizer, who prepared for the coming of the Lord, but our epistle reading for this fourth Sunday of Lent tells us that we have an even greater Forerunner: Jesus himself, the One who has won the perfect race, entered into Hades, vanquished death, assumed the resurrection life, and gone into the heavenly…


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