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The Divine Liturgy, Part 7: Pre-Communion Prayers

September 12, 2006 Length: 1:00:04

The mystical change of the gifts of bread an wine into the Body and Blood of Christ in the Epiclesis is followed by a series of pre-communion prayers and hymns - given to continually focus us on the grace and unity of the Holy Spirit, for it is He who has been invited to come down upon us and abide in us. The closing prayer of the Epiclesis, which declares the unity of all saints made righteous by faith, is followed by the Megalynarion - the Magnification of Mary, for it was she who by virtue of her humility and purity and the power of the Holy Spirit provided the world with Christ's Body and Blood - the Incarnation itself. The litanies then lead us to the Lord's Prayer, the extolling of God's Holiness (not ours), and then a final declaration of of our own humility and allegiance before we partake of the Mystery of Mysteries. The now thoroughly inadequate Steve and Bill move through this part of the Divine Liturgy "as usual" - with their familiar, winsome klutziness.

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"If it weren't for AFR, I would be very, very lonely and sad this Lent. I come to work, put on the WMA stream, and get some peace. Being able to hear a Divine Liturgy means the world to me. I don't know if you and the AFR family realize how very important what you do is to some of us. It is a lifeline for me. Thank you all so very much for your ministry."



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